Image by Sam Carter

The Lucky Ewe story

It's also about the colour

On my first visit to Tasmania, we made a special trip to Oatlands to visit a shop I had heard so much about. 

The shop was closed. 

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. As a new knitter, I didn't have the confidence to make a 'special appointment' to visit the store. Apparently I told the husband, "when I own that store, I am going to be open more!" 

Well, be careful what you throw out into the universe, because when you fast forward 4 years later here we are, throwing colour on wool, and having a great time doing it. 


 25 Sept 2022

As of today, 1.5 yrs later we've been through a lot. In that time span the shop has had a major facelift, with a new logo, moving premises twice, a new website and a bunch of behind the scenes thing that no one is interested in except for me and a few of my geeky friends.  It has also been a huge learning curve for me and my support team (aka The Man and Frank from IT) and I am lucky enough to have had the support of some fabulous fibre friends. 

To each and every person who is walked through the blue doors of the shop and gone "oooooh" that is exactly the response I was hoping for. 

Hope to see ya'll soon.