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This pint-sized gem has everythin you ever wanted to see in a folding travel wheel: a terrific little spinner, comfortable (made so by the long curvy treadles and an orifice height of 25"/63.5cm. This little wheel is stable, easy to fold and unfold and so much fun to use!

The Complete Package comes with:

  • 3 travel bobbins
  • medium and fast whorls
  • orifice hook
  • poly drive band
  • carrying strap
  • Sidekick Bag
  • manual

Available as extras:

  • Bulky Plyer Flyer
  • Slow, high, and superhigh speed whorls
  • Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate


Double Treadle

Scotch Tension

Weight: 5.9kg/13lb

Orifice Height: 63.5cm/25in

Drive Wheel: 34.8cm / 13.75in

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