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Suited to entry-level and seasoned spinners alike, the Ladybug spinning wheel is easy to treadle, easy to take with you and as as cute as a bug! With solid Schacht construction and an eye-catching design, the Ladybug is both functional and charming. Made of maple plywood and solid maple, the Ladybug sports integrated carrying handles. The attached Lazy Kate (we all know Kate isn't lazy at all) is available separately.

Schacht guarantees that every wheel is unique - somewhere on your Ladybug Spinning Wheel you’ll find your very own ladybug!

Available now for pre-order. Expected delivery, approx. 8-10 weeks.


  • Scotch Tension/Double Drive/ Bobbin Lead
  • Weight: 6.1kg/13.5lb
  • Orifice Height: 68.5cm/27in
  • Drive Wheel: 40.6cm/16in


  • 3 travel bobbins
  • medium and fast whorls
  • orifice hook
  • poly drive band
  • cotton double drive band
  • manual

Accessories Available

  • Bulky Plyer Flyer
  • extra slow, slow, high, and super high speed whorls
  • Ladybug Lazy Kate (attaches to wheel)
  • Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate (free standing)
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