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You know what you should do? and other things

One of the most often asked questions I get while in the shop is "you know what you should do?", with the query "where does your wool come from" [sheep] and "do you spin all your own yarn"[nope] following closely in popularity. Depending on the time of day and my mood I try to respond politely but sometimes that doesn't happen either.

The last two years have flown by, the two year anniversary of the shop purchase passed with a barely a mention on social media and some hastily arranged birthday biscuits handed out to all who came into the shop. Why the lack of hoopla you ask? Because I am busy doing.

After 2 years I now have a fair idea about what works in the shop and online, as well as what makes the behind the scenes work easier. Blog posts are few and far between [no time] having been replaced by snippets and fast reads on social media, and even those are sporadic [because, you know, no time]. The back of house systems are stable and working well, with an occasional glitch caused by human error. I now have usable data so decision making about new products and marketing will be easier. Most importantly, I now have repeatable recipes for colours. The shop looks fantastic, and the renovations taking place in the Workshop are the proverbial hair away from being completed.

Now comes the tweaking - some products will leave quietly with little fanfare. Some departures will be accompanied by A BIG PRONOUNCEMENT. In order to free up some time, there will be changes to the admin type stuff - the website and the back of house systems and while some of what you see may seem a little ridiculous that's better than being boring.

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