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The joy of retail - chapter 3 (or why my web store is rubbish)

April 25th marks the one year anniversary of me buying The Lucky Ewe. On the technical and administrative side, ownership of a yarn store has been a character building exercise to say the least. It has taken nearly a year to research, test, and implement an inventory management system. This is boring shit people. I would much rather be sitting in an cosy armchair with my feet up, sipping coffee or maybe a nice whisky and knitting. Planning new colour ways. Maybe even writing a pattern, or watching the latest video from Stephen West. Having invested much time and energy into an inventory management system that made sense, I then had to get the inventory management system to talk to the website. That still isn't happening.

In the meantime, I have lots of lovely stock (118 variations on fixed circular needles alone! Ask me how I know!) that no one ever sees on the website, because the inventory management system and my website don't talk to each other, much like divorced parents at a school carnival.

If you want something, and you don't see it on the website, just give us a call or drop us an email and ask. Alternately, if you know a inventory management/website guru, send them my way.

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