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Updated: Aug 21, 2023

People ask all the time "do you run classes/workshops?" We do, however sometimes the reality is that trying to get 4-8 people together to learn something on a day that suits everyone is like herding cats, and classes and workshops don't happen as often as we would like. When an in-person class is not practical, or you want to delve deeper into your chosen craft, online learning is the way to go. The list below is not all inclusive - we are sure there are many other resources we may have missed. Let us know about some of your favourites!

Online and Video

SweetGeorgia Yarns was founded by Felicia Lo Wong in 2009. The School of SweetGeorgia is a natural progression of the yarn company, and offers a number of courses, including courses on knitting, weaving, tapestry weaving, and acid dyeing. When you sign up through my affiliate link, I receive a small commission.

Long Thread Media publisher of Handwoven, Little Looms, Piecework and Spin Off magazines also offers online courses with some of the best teachers around. The Lucky Ewe stocks Handwoven, Little Looms, and Spin Off magazines.

Patty Lyons is a knitting guru, and also has an active web site and education site. I do not receive a commission from referrals, however we do stock her best selling book, Patty Lyons Knitting Bag of Tricks. (This book is in it's 5th reprint!)

Another excellent resource is Gist Yarn's The Weave podcast. Gist's website has other great resources available, including this article which answers the question "can I knit with that?"

Oh YouTube, what would we do without you? An endless source of information and amusement for all. Spend some time and search out those who suit your learning style and personality. Some of my favourite knitting teachers and tipsters on YouTube are Patty Lyons, Very Pink Knits, and EarthTones Girl.

Not a learning or teaching site per se, Ravelry is an organisational tool, a community site and a pattern database for not only knitters and crocheters. Ravelry continues to be my go to site for pattern searches, and pattern storage. There are support groups for spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and machine knitters. You can search for yarn stores in the area if you are on holiday. In-store assistance on using Ravelry is available. Ravelry is free to join, and The Lucky Ewe offers pattern sales via Ravelry in store. Please note that Ravelry underwent a site revamp/update in 2020. There have been reported accessibility issues, including eye strain, migraines and/or seizures.

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