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We still have a few fleece left in the store, and are expecting some fresh fleece this weekend.

All of this season's clip are lovely, with very little to no vm in the fleece. The grower's paddock maintenance is to be commended.

The following fleece are available in shop now:

  • Finn/English Leicester X (caramel coloured) 2.5kg $60

  • Superfine Merino/Finn X (dark chocolate coloured) 1.45 kg, 4-9cm staple $30

  • Finn/English Leicester X (white) 1.8kg, 6-12cm staple, $43.20

  • Finn - white, 2.2kg, $60

  • Polwarth - this bright white fleece is probably going to be the last one available this year. I was going to keep it for myself, but have decided to share the wealth (so to speak). This is an absolute delightful fleece. 2.5kg, $90

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