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Chapter 2 - The Joys of Retail

We began this series by discussing sustainability and transparency. Add to that mix, the joys of retail. Today retail includes having an online and social media presence. For the most part, the average small business owner relies on one person to manage everything. In The Lucky Ewe's case, everything includes:

  • website development, strategy, and maintenance

  • marketing development and strategy, including social media management

  • product development & placement

  • customer relations

  • purchasing & logistics

  • event planning& catering

  • front-line retail

  • office administration and accounting, and general all rounder.

There is support for the small business owner, in the form of the small business owner's partner. Said partner generally gets yelled at for doing things wrong or stuffing things up. Feelings get hurt. Tears are shed. There is cursing. Lots of cursing.

Occasionally things go well. For instance, today the software goddess smiled upon The Lucky Ewe, and something worked THE FIRST TIME! Angels sang!

Of course, then we bragged about things working so something else screwed up.

Insert expletives here.

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