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The Lucky Ewe - Big Ol' Batt

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100 grams (maybe a bit more) of carded fibre created especially for spinners.

Batts may be include merino, mulberry silk, eri peace silk, and other fibre including alpaca, cashmere, angora, mohair.

Firestar™, Angelina™, and Stellina are used in Art Batts only.

Firestar™(made from metallic-coated polyester, but with a soft feel) is a trilobal nylon, which reflects light in a unique way.

Angelina® staple fibers create new luminescent highlights which are not possible with metallic filament yarns. This product has a soft handle and is very popular with some spinners. A little bit of this goes a very very long way!

Stellina is a nylon fiber that is metallic toned. It is not actually metal, just metallic toned
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