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Mavis's Luxury MCN 4 ply

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MCN 4 Ply is a popular blend of fine merino (19 micron), cashmere and nylon in a 4/17nm construction giving a generous 425m (465 yds) per 100g.

An extra soft 19 micron merino yarn is blended with a generous helping of cashmere (considered the ‘king’ and most luxurious of natural fibres) and a little nylon for extra durability. You can feel the softness of the cashmere in the yarn adding making it sumptuous to touch and a joy to handle. With the blend of Cashmere, Merino and Nylon, in the winter it keeps you warm and in the summer, it will keep you cool. Each hank has 425m (465 yds) giving you that little bit more yarn in each 100g

Sourced from a UK supplier, this yarn is hand dyed in Oatlands at The Lucky Ewe dye studio.

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