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Handwoven Magazine - May/June 2023

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This is a technique-strong issue with three articles about design and one about weaving rugs using deflected doubleweave, a structure not well-known for rugs. Tom Knisely talks about the usefulness of marking your work for future generations and the method he learned for adding initials and dates to weaving projects. The “Yarn Lab” details a special yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and old jeans, and “What’s Happening” describes a not -to-be missed exhibit about Navajo weaving. From “Endnotes” you’ll learn about a unique way of weaving temperature blankets, one that you may want to try!



  • Notes from the Fell: Leaving Your Mark by Tom Knisely
  • The Powell Method: Designing Shadow Weave Using Profile by Rebecca Winter
  • Twill on Opposites for a Weft-Faced Rug by Nancy Taylor
  • Idea Gallery: Art Rugs to Warm the Home by Ellen Kardell
  • Which Came First? by Alison Irwin
  • Yarn Lab–Eco Jeans: Good For The Environment, Great On Your Loom by Christine Jablonsk
  • What’s Happening: Shaped by the Loom by Kenna Libes
  • Endnotes: A Memorable “Year to Remember” Blanket by Robin Lynde


    • Fulled Mug Rugs by Ellen Kardell (8-shaft)
    • Mid-Century-Modern Runner by Merriel Miller (7-shaft)
    • Subtle Shift Towels by Rebecca Morris (4-shaft)
    • Eclectic Color-and-Weave by Deborah Jarchow (Rigid heddle)
    • Prairie Bloom Towels by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
    • Pen and Ink Linen Towels by Christine Jablonski (4-shaft)
    • Fraternal Twins by Annette Swan Schipf (4-shaft)
    • Shifting Shadows by Barbara Mitchell (6-shaft)
    • Violet Waves by Jannie Taylor (8-shaft)
    • Square Fancy Chèche by Véronique Perrot (8-shaft)
    • Light Sussex Color- and-Weave by Alison Irwin (4-shaft)

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