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Circular Red Lace

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ChiaoGoo's most popular product line! RED Lace™ surgical stainless steel circulars have a smooth, satin-sheen finish and memory-free, multi-strand, steel, nylon-coated, red cable. Lace tips are machine-precisioned. Needle size is laser imprinted on each circular needle.

Why are there two kinds of circular ChiaoGoo needles? ChiaoGoo has pointy (or lace) tips and regular (Red Circulars) These are the pointy needles! The RED Circulars have a small kick in the shaft of the needle, making them easier for some knitters to hold, and the tips are slightly rounded.

n.b. As my inventory system can't see to deal with more than 75 variables, I have split the listing - this listing is for the 1.5 - 5.0 mm.

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